Most of our publications have now been made available on the University of Liège’s institutional repository (ORBi). The ORBi website is currently in French, and will soon be available in English.

For each paper, we posted free access pre-print or post-print versions whenever allowed by the publisher. You will have to accept the licence and commit yourself to using the donwloaded material only for pirvate use, illustration of educational material, and/or scientific research, with proper citation of the original article. To download them, click on “Voir/ouvrir” (= “see/open”), then “J’accepte la licence”.

Should you wish to receive a reprint that is not available as open access, click on “Demande de tiré à part” (= “reprint request”). An email will be sent to the authors, and one of them will then send you the reprint in one click.

The following links will help you in your search