Waters Micromass Quattro Ultima PT


Triple Quadupole mass spectrometer, Electrospray (ES) and Chemical ionisation (APcI) sources

Quanlynx Software


Principle of operation

Ions are produced in the source and transferred to the mass spectrometer via two cones. The ions follow a Z-shaped pathway, while the neutrals and the solvent go straight. The first quadrupole can be used as an ion guide (RF only) in MS mode, or as a precursor mass selector for MS/MS. The ions are collided with argon in the collidion hexapole, and the products are analyzed in the second quad.
This instrument is a very sensitive mass spectrometer, using Multiple Reaction Monitoring mode (MRM).


From: http://www.waters.com/webassets/cms/support/docs/quattro_ultima_pt_guide_reva.pdf

What do we use this instrument for?

Detection and quantification of residues in traces (pesticides, antibiotics, toxins, peptides,…).
Quantification of proteins by using heavy peptide technique (allergens, biomarkers,…).

The instrument was financed by

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