OPO UV-vis laser

Continuum Panther EX-Plus + Powerlite 8000


The tunable UV-vis laser is coupled to the FTICR since Summer 2008. It allows fragmenting ions with UV or visible light, in the ICR cell or in the collision hexapole.


Principle of operation

The tripled Nd-YAG laser (355 nm) is atenuated, and then passes through two BBO crystals (oscillator crystan and compensating cristal) that transform the 355-nm light into two wavelength: the signal beam (410-710 nm) and the idler beam (710-2550 nm). The wavelength is selected by rotating the BBO crystals.
To produce UV light (220-355 nm), the signal is frequency doubled. To produce near UV light (355-410 nm), the idler is frequency doubled.
In addition, an optical bench allows doubling the residual 512 nm from the Powerlite to produce a high-energy 266-nm beam.


The instrument was financed by