Electrospray Q-TOF

Micromas Q-TOF Ultima Global


Hybrid quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometer, or Q-TOF. Electrospray and nanospray sources with variable in-source pressure, MALDI source. ProteinLynx Global Server.


Principle of operation

Ions are produced in the electrospray source and transferred to the mass spectrometer via two cones. The ions follow a Z-shaped pathway, while the neutrals and the solvent go straight. Regulation of source pressure and cone voltages allow tuning desolvation and in-source fragmentation. The first quadrupole can be used as an ion guide (RF only) in MS mode, or as a precursor mass selector for MS/MS. The ions are collided with argon in the collidion hexapole, and the products are analyzed in the time-of-flight (TOF) analyzer. Resolution is > 10,000 in V mode and > 18,000 in W mode.

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What do we use this instrument for?

Analysis of noncovalent complexes (DNA-ligand, protein-DNA, protein-metal, etc…), intact protein mass measurements, small molecule analysis.

The instrument was financed by

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