The Mass Spectrometry Platform is a member of the following Centers

Center for Analysis of Trace Residues

Interdisciplinary Group for Applied Genoproteomics

European Projects

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  • An Interreg project involving the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (PI De Pauw Edwin, Quinton Loic), EURLIPIDS, a Virtual Platform for Lipid Research
  • An infrastructure project: H2020 Infra EU_FT-ICR_MS – DLV-731077, in which the ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry platform is included in a European network for access to research infrastructure

Projects  funded by the FNRS

Two EOS (Excellence Of Science, FNRS-FWO) projects have been granted in 2018:

  • The laboratory of organic and biological analytical chemistry (PI JF Focant) participates in the project “Chemical Information Mining in a Complex World” DESMET coordination Gert, VUB
  • The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (PIs Edwin De Pauw and Loic Quinton) participates in the project “Ecological roles of cyclic lipopeptides from plant beneficial rhizobacteria: a chemical-biology approach to decipher primary functions of secondary metabolites”, coordination HÖFTE Monica, UGhent

FNRS research projects and grants

  • Dr. Gabriel Mazzucchelli, coordinator : 2018, MucoSWEATomics
  • Dr. Nicolas Smargiasso, participant: 2018, “Aβ strains and oligomers in Alzheimer’s

Projects fund by the region with the so called “poles”


Mecatech: a proprietary project has been granted by the pole Mecatech to the CART for special analytical developments

Greewin:  the CART is active in a project aiming at the design of new waste epuration systems for clinics. Its part consist in bringing the analytical support to industrial partners

Wallinov: MiliTher the present project aims to combine the use of microcarriers, decellularized liver matrix and different human primary liver cell types to produce highly functional, three-dimensional liver microspheroids. The MSlab has a crucial proteomics analysis contribution.

Biowin: (2016-2020):  Fast and Reliable ultra-sensitive Identification of Streptococcus B at delivery (FRISBY) (PI G  Eppe)

EUROSTARS (EU/RW): NxPAS – a novel non-invasive trace gas analyser platform targeting breath analysis (2015 – Investigator JF Focant).

The PIRMAH (Photoacoustic Infrared Microscope for Automated Histopathology) (E. DE Pauw) project aims at developing an ex-vivo infrared microscope prototype for automated histopathology. For the development and the validation of the performances of this microscope, FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded) and fresh-frozen tissues are used. The results obtained with this microscope are also compared with images obtained on other “well established” techniques such as mass spectrometry imaging (MSI). In this project, the mass spectrometry laboratory of the University of Liège is in charge of the MSI analysis of both FFPE and fresh-frozen tissues.

Fond de maturation RW: Breathprint – validation of potential asthma biomarkers for breath-based phenotyping (2017-2018 – Co-PI JF Focant)

Academic collaborations

Prof. M. Karas (Laboratory of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, J.-W. Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany)
Prof. M.T. Bowers, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA.
Prof. R. Weinkauf, University of Düsseldorf, Germany.
Prof. V. Ryabinin, State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology ‘‘Vector,’’ Kol’tsovo, Institute of Molecular Biology, Novosibirsk Region, Russia.
Prof. J.-F. Riou, Université de Reims, UFR Pharmacie, CNRS, UMR 642, 51 Rue Cognacq-Jay, IFR53, F-51096 Reims, France
Dr. M.-P. Teulade-Fichou, Laboratoire de chimie des interactions moléculaires (Chaire J.-M. Lehn), Collège de France, Paris.
Dr. J.-L. Mergny, Laboratoire de Biophysique, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, INSERM UMR 8646, Paris, France.
Dr. P. Dugourd, Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Ionique et Moléculaire, Université de Lyon I, France.

Industrial collaborations

Dr. G.Weyens SES Europe, I