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The Mass Spectrometry Platform is a
multidisciplinary laboratory, given the
versatility of mass spectrometric techniques.

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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (MSLab) is a consortium of scientists, mainly chemists and biologists, which have developed a unique expertise in Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy. Together, MSLab scientists are working on several main topics using and developing mass spectrometry-based methods. The research activities are distributed across 5 main topics: MSLab-Analytics, MSLab-Biology, MSLab-Fun, MSLab-Imaging and MSLab-Omics. Strong interactions between the MSLab experts and OBiAChem group (led by Prof. J-F Focant) or other specialists enable the development of original and innovative chemical methods based mainly on Mass Spectrometry and adapted to the actual and future analytical challenges in the fields of medicine, biology, environment, material sciences, or physical chemistry. The MSLab is also supporting Analytical Platforms for proteomics (Giga proteomics), MS-Quanta and food safety analyses (CART). The MSLab is part of the MolSys Research Unit  gathering other experts of various field of sciences.

About us

Mass Spectrometry Platform
Department of Chemistry
University of Liège
Institut de Chimie, Bat. B6c
B-4000 Liège (Sart-Tilman)

Director : Prof. Gauthier Eppe
Tel : (32)-4-366.34.22
Fax : (32)-4-366.43.87

Deputy Director : Prof. Loïc Quinton
Tel : (32)-4-366.36.79

Prof. Gauthier Eppe


Full Professor in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry


Prof. Loïc Quinton

Deputy Director

Assistant Professor in Biological Chemistry


Prof. Edwin De Pauw

Prof. Edwin De PauwEmeritus Professor in Physical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry